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Creating opportunities for all

In keeping with our core values and commitment to social responsibility, Michels includes diverse firms in our procurement and construction process.  We foster relationships with businesses from geographically, economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds to encourage growth and success for diverse suppliers and subcontractors, our operations and the industries in which we operate. We believe creating opportunities for everyone is good business.


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Testimonials and Experience

“Twin Lakes Transit and Michels Road and Stone have been working together for over three decades.  To us at Twin Lakes Transit it has been a pleasure to work with companies like Michels who pay attention to detail, accurate scheduling, prompt payment and their open style of communication.  If and when we ever have a question or a problem to resolve, we can always count on direct answers from project managers, office personal and dispatchers.  It has been a pleasure working with them in the past and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Karen Baumhardt

Twin Lakes Transit LTD


“The good working relatonship we have with everyone at Michels has helped us successfuly work through complex challenges on projects. The lines of communication have always been open which means that we are able to call or meet with someone in the field to resolve issues that arise. We hope to work together with Michels on future projects.”

Ann M. Neshek

Arrow Crete Construction, LLC

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