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Focused on Continuous Improvement

Our customers trust us to ensure the delivery of safe, reliable energy and infrastructure solutions for future generations. Every time. We take our responsibility seriously, executing robust, defined project management and project controls processes.

Our commitment to quality involves our entire team. Starting with the Michels family and our senior leaders, the Michels Quality Management Program requires employees, subcontractors and vendors to perform work at high standards for quality, reliability, safety and value. We pride ourselves on the agile execution of complex work based on a collaborative and transparent process. In the simplest terms, we do work right the first time.

Efficiency and Quality

Our Quality Management Program places emphasis on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to our customers. We continuously improve the effectiveness, efficiency and repeatability in which projects are delivered with concentration on turning over completed projects that meet or exceed customer expectations for performance and life-cycle costs.

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We continuously review our work to improve effectiveness, efficiency and repeatability.

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Our top-down commitment to care, concern and quality is reinforced every day on every project.

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Safety is the cornerstone of our culture.

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We build complex infrastructure safely, efficiently, without rework, and with no harm to the environment.

Our Quality Steps


Prior to beginning a project, in-office project management staff identify and enter all required tasks into project management software. Next, a schedule, risk and opportunity register are developed and updated.

Project Execution Plan

Once the project progresses to the field, Michels uses both high-level and day-today communication strategies. Project leaders meet regularly with owner’s representatives to share information on plans, schedules and performance. The project’s labor force discuss troubleshooting, logistics and issues each day with engineers and superintendents, ensuring safe, efficient, environmentally sound project execution.

Quality Control During Construction

Michels’ in-house quality team works with the operations team to provide training, tools and techniques to achieve the quality expectations in accordance with project specifications and standards. At the field level, quality is everyone’s responsibility. If anyone sees anything that does not meet the project’s specifications, they have an obligation to stop work and bring the issue to their supervisor.

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