An HDD rig installs underground cable near a rural roadside.

Underground Cable, Conduit & Ducts

Underground cables and conduit bring resiliency, safety, and aesthetic benefits to energy and communication networks. Michels Utility Services, Inc. uses trenchless and conventional open-cut methods for installation to directly bury and install protective conduit for conductors and cables.  

A large dozer and plow attachment buries fiber cable for a communications network

Communications Networks

Communications networks allow global interactions to be as easy as a knock on a neighbor’s door. Underground construction hardens networks and protects cables from external damage. Our crews use conventional and trenchless methods to directly bury cable or install conduit in all environments and soil conditions.  

A duct bank installation

Duct Banks

Underground energized lines require extra attention. Our crews assemble, space, and install duct banks and related structures, including maintenance holes and access structures, before pouring concrete into forms to provide extra cover and thermal protection.  

Man in rural field stands next to utility excavator.
Several workers operate on two pipelines under the 10th Ave bridge in Minnesota.
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