Michels uses a plow rig to bury plastic gas distribution pipe along a roadway
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The Michels Family of Companies is a collection of wholly owned solution providers established under the Michels brand flagship. All companies perform safe, unique, and specialized services for energy and infrastructure markets.

Whether operating independently or collaborating on a project, all members of the Michels Family of Companies have been united by the same core values, quality standards and world-class reputation since 1959.

A Michels Pacfic Energy bucket truck is parked in a field on a sunny day

Michels Pacific Energy, Inc. provides power and pipeline services to expand and maintain the West Coast’s energy infrastructure. We use sophisticated equipment and extensive preplanning and logistical coordination to deliver safety-conscious solutions.

An excavator digs a large trench to fit a pipeline.

Michels Pipeline, Inc. is a leading full-service mainline pipeline, facilities, and maintenance and repair contractor. Our services include pipe fabrication; oil, gas, and water pipeline installation; compressor and pumping station construction; and integrity, maintenance and emergency repairs. We approach all construction pipeline projects with a complete commitment to safety, quality, and environmental preservation.

A Michels Power crew member operates on a power line from a bucket

Michels Power, Inc. supports America’s electrical and communication backbone by delivering comprehensive overhead and underground construction services for 69kV to 765kV electric utility systems and fiber networks. As one of the largest private power utility electrical contractors in the United States, our team is able to build transmission and distribution power lines, electrical substations and communication systems from coast to coast.

Hydraulic dredging project on Schuylkill River.

Aqueos Marine, Inc. provides safe, sound subsea construction and inspection services for high-priority, challenging projects, offshore wind and renewables.

Crew members ride in Michels Ruth Lucille tugboat

Michels Construction, Inc. specializes in the design and construction of safe, technically sound, and value-engineered foundation, earth retention, ground improvement, industrial facility, and marine and groundwater solutions.

Michels Underground Cable, Inc. combines experience and equipment to install underground cables for power transmission, power distribution, renewable energy and communication networks. Depending on system needs, our crews directly bury or install protective casing including duct banks for solid and stranded conductors and copper, fiber optic and coaxial cable. Our crews work throughout the United States to deliver solutions for current and future needs.

A Michels paving crew builds a road in Wisconsin

Michels Road & Stone, Inc. combines earth moving, concrete paving, custom crushing, mass excavation and material placement services with commercial aggregate and shoreline protection supplies. We are committed to high-quality construction and equally high environmental standards on projects of all sizes and scopes in the public and private sectors.

A large pipe is installed under a river through the HDD method of construction.

Michels Trenchless, Inc. has been setting the standard for complete infrastructure installation and rehabilitation with minimal surface disruptions for decades. We bring experience and enthusiasm to all trenchless projects, including the world’s most demanding ones.

Michels Canada delivers construction solutions to enhance Canada’s energy, electrical power, water and wastewater infrastructure. We are experienced with joint venture partnerships and bid-build, design-bid-build, and public-private partnership (P3) delivery methods.

Pipe being pulled through a rural wooded area.

Michels Trenchless GmbH combines Old World values and New World innovation for trenchless construction of utility lines. We use horizontal directional drilling and Direct Pipe methodologies to construct underground utility lines in places where open-trench installations would not be feasible or desirable.

An HDD rig and excavator work side by side in a rural forested region of Australia.

Michels Trenchless, Pty. Ltd. believes safe, unobtrusive underground construction is essential to the future of Australia’s infrastructure. We use horizontal directional drilling, Direct Pipe and other trenchless methodologies to construct underground utility lines in places where open-trench installations would not be feasible or desirable.

Marine divers on Coffer Dam in a cage.

Aqueos utilizes subsea experience and a proven record of excellence and safety to serve the oil and gas, civil, military and renewable energy industries.

A large HDD pipeline being installed under the Mississippi River.

J.D. Hair & Associates helps customers achieve impressive, yet visually imperceptible goals through the development of practical engineering solutions for environmentally sound, minimally disruptive trenchless infrastructure construction.

A Michels excavtor near a Chicago bridge and skyscrapers

As new equipment enters our large, meticulously maintained fleet, Michels Equipment Sales makes quality inventory available to customers at reasonable prices.

R1VER building on a partly cloudy winter day.

Michels Corporation is one of the largest, most diversified energy and infrastructure contractors in North America. As a family-owned and operated business, we have the ability to swiftly make critical decisions to support customers’ goals. Services are constantly growing and evolving to meet customers’ needs and to provide them with solutions to complex challenges.

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