Michels Companies

Michels Pipeline, Inc.

Michels Pipeline, Inc. provides turnkey solutions for pipeline construction. Our capabilities include pipe fabrication; clearing and preparing right-of-way's; oil, gas and water pipeline installation; building compressor and pumping stations; maintenance and emergency repairs.

Michels Power, Inc.

Michels Power, Inc. provides overhead power line and underground utility construction, substation, foundations and fiber optic network construction services. As a complete turnkey contractor performing safe, quality communication and electric utility construction throughout the United States, Michels Power offers unique value to investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, primary metered customers, and communication network owners.

Michels Utility Services, Inc.

Michels Utility Services, Inc. provides constructing services to maintain and install natural gas pipeline distribution systems throughout the United States.

Michels Pacific Energy, Inc.

Michels Pacific Energy, Inc. is focused on providing construction services to update and maintain California's power infrastructure. Michels Pacific Energy provides specialized services to install and maintain California's transmission and distribution systems.

Michels Canada

Michels Canada Co., based in Nisku, Alberta, Canada, was established in 1997 to provide horizontal directional drilling. Today, Michels Canada provides solutions to serve the public's energy, water and wastewater, and transportation needs by constructing pipelines, relining aging sewer and water mains, and building large tunnels.

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